“How would you feel if I told you that I love you?”

…uttered by Doctor Boy on the morning of our “reunion” two and a half weeks in the making.

Wow. Um, wow.

My first split-second thought? “But I didn’t do anything…I’ve just been me!”


He loves me for who I am, every day. Wow, really, how did I stumble upon something so utterly close-to-perfect as this? At what feels like exactly the right moment? Blessed.

My second split-second thought? Smiling, as he said “I thought about holding back, I hope it’s not too soon, but as I thought about it in Aruba, I haven’t held back at all so far, so I figured I would just go for it.” My response was “I’m close…I’m falling…close to the edge of the mountain.”

He smiled and kissed me. He was content with that response. He didn’t expect me to immediately say it back.

Truthfully, I have actually found myself almost uttering those words myself, or thinking about them. But I didn’t want it to be a knee-jerk reaction to him saying it, but I do feel it…I am falling…hard. I find it almost hard to believe…I’m falling in love.

Damn, even writing that and reading it makes it sound so much more real.

This is right. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Doctor Boy is the one I was meant to meet, and the one I’m meant to be with. At this very moment.

I’m falling…hard.

And it feels amazing.