Doctor Boy sends me “our” horoscope every morning since we are both Libras (he just started doing it one day, and simply forwards it, like an unspoken “wow, this is a good one!”) which I absolutely love. Today’s horoscope was by far, so dead on, I couldn’t believe it (and I hardly ever put much stock in horoscopes whatsoever!).

Take a read:

Don’t question your own judgment today and you will find success. The only way you can fail at an important assignment or in the pursuit of a special goal is if you begin to second guess yourself and you become overly critical of your efforts. If you can make decisions with confidence, and then follow through with true commitment to your choices, then you will glide through even the toughest events of the day. You are exactly where you are meant to be, so own the moment.

The last line is stunning, isn’t it? As I’ve said a lot lately, I am where I am meant to be, but I just loved the “own the moment.” Damn straight I should own the moment, embracing it for all of its gloriousness and passion and happiness.  During a time with a lot of ups and downs in other areas of my life, having some stability in my love life feels even more special, and it truly is the light that gets me through right now.

Do you ever read something like this…whether it be a horoscope, a scripture, an inspirational quote and it cares you through the day? It happens rarely, but usually at the perfect time.

…own the moment.


In other news…my sister Jen’s health is slowly improving, and I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, prayers, and support. She still has a long road ahead of her for full recovery, and more significantly, a lot of other personal challenges ahead (that I can’t get into right now) but I am filled with hope that she continues to progress and be able to focus on being the amazing mom she has already become.  I am really looking forward to starting our “rotations” in helping her out on the days she has her medical appointments to have some 1:1 time with her and the baby. Thursday night and Friday will be our time to connect, dig into some of what is going on in her life, and just reconnect, sister to sister.

Through all of this, the three of us have really banded together and the ‘fierce love’ that I’ve talked about so often is more evident than ever. I’m proud of how close we are, I’m proud of our sisterhood, I’m extremely proud of the strength and resilience my sister has shown in the last 5 weeks and know God is hard at work for us.

…own the moment.