I’ve written about this before, but I firmly believe you meet everyone for a reason.

The perfect example of this?

Doctor Boy.

Not only is he amazing, treats me well and loves me…he’s even helping my family.

My sister’s care was transferred today to a different location, and the visiting nurse care wasn’t able to be transferred in time, and she needed her IV drip done for the evening. And even though she hadn’t yet met him, she asked for help. She asked me if he would mind coming over to do her IV drip for her.

I texted him and asked him to call me, and explained the situation. I gave him an out, I told him if he didn’t feel comfortable, he didn’t have to, or if he couldn’t get there in time, he didn’t have to feel obligated.

He said yes without even a hint of hesitation.


Wow, really? Did I really meet a man that not only amplifies my life, but given his profession, he can aid in my sister’s long road to recovery?

Wow. Just wow.

So he went over (with me) and met my sister for the very first time. And then administered her IV drip. He talked to her about her infection, how it happened, etc, and the conversation flowed nicely, was casual, not forced. She told him she wants to go into nursing, after this experience, and he gave her his viewpoint into it, what areas to look into, what schools to look at. It was simply amazing.

You truly meet everyone for a reason.

Not only was I meant to meet this man…to start falling slowly for this man, but for a greater good.

Damn, I feel lucky. Blessed. Truly.