I got married on a beach in Kauai.

Today, four years later, and almost two years since my divorce was set in motion, I can hardly believe how full circle I have come.

When I read my post from this day last year, I was hopeful, but I was still healing. I was searching for a reason, yet deep down, I knew the reason didn’t really matter. I wanted to find love, yet I wasn’t really ready (let’s be honest).

Today? I’m happier than I ever could have thought. I never dreamed I’d be in a relationship with a man that makes me so very happy. It’s mindblowing. It’s profound. It’s simply amazing.

I’m that living proof that I’ve seen in so many of my IRL friends (you know who you are), and my blog friends (T, Nicki, Snark, Sunshine/CBG, Soccer Mom, to name a few) who have found love. The ones I envied (in a good way). The ones I admired. The ones I drew inspiration from.

And now? I’m becoming that inspiration for others. I’m living it. I’m loving it.

I’m not the same woman who married on a beach four years ago (though I would do it that way all over again IF – and a big IF  – I ever marry again), but a better me. Stronger, more resilient, confident, happy, grounded and with a level of perspective I don’t think many actually have.

I’m proud of that. I’ve come full circle. Me.

Four years. And I wouldn’t change a thing.