Phew. I totally missed quote Friday this week, so I’m going for a ‘quote Saturday’ today…why, you ask?

Baby! It was my first 24 hour ‘baby duty’ helping Jen get through the night with Isabel’s feedings and all day on Friday, to her appointments and such. Thus, today’s quote:

“A baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

I have to admit, I was really nervous on Thursday to have my first solo ‘baby duty’ with Jen, feeling a bit high-strung, stressed and hoping it would go smoothly and I’d be able to help calm Isabel when she cried, feed her, change her, and burp her, and it felt a lot more daunting than I thought. And I wanted to show Jen I could do it and give her the help she needs as she continues her recovery (5 weeks and counting…).

But when I look into Isabel’s eyes, and see the wonderment, flashes of a smile and contentment in the midst of tears and needs and wants, I can see how much she signifies new beginnings and possibilities for Jen, and for our family, as we continue to band together and give her all of the support she needs right now (in more ways than one).

She’s worth it. The tiredness. The stress. It’s all worth it.

And seeing Jen continue her recovery is almost more worth it. Going to her wound care appointment yesterday, she was hoping for continued improvement (and meanwhile I was worrying about keeping Isabel calm during the hour long appointment) and wow, did God come through in spades.

She’s now rid of her wound care vac WEEKS early! She just has to continue packing it a bit (with our help, er, Doctor Boy’s?! Hehe) for a few weeks, but she no longer is tethered to the vac, and tubes and in constant pain. She’s healing, and healing much faster than we all expected. And she’s elated at the progress. I don’t think I’ve seen her smile bigger than that in a long time.

And Isabel slept in my arms for almost two hours, and then slept another hour in the car. She was an angel for me. I was floored, but relieved, and really enjoyed watching her sleep, cooing, holding on to my fingers and nuzzling up to me. I felt like I gained her trust and Jen’s in helping care for Isabel, and am feeling much better about my ‘baby duty’ rounds this week.

I just can’t help but think how much Isabel signifies the possibilities that lie ahead…for Jen, for me, for our family, in many ways. I think as 2010 starts coming to a close, 2011 has big things in store for all of us.

I’m feeling blessed.