I don’t know about you ladies (sorry boys, this sentence won’t relate to you, though maybe you can relate…) but when I have PMS, not only am I irritable, bloated and grumpy (at times), I’m also super tired. Combine that with lack of routine and that’s a great combination for an uber frustrated me.

You know I like routine. I crave it. And sometimes, it keeps me sane and balanced. Sure, sometimes it should be thrown out the window in favor of balance, but there is something to be said for being free to do the routine you want – working out when you want to, sleeping more if you are tired, and generally having some “me” time to catch up on blogs, DVR and hey, a face mask and primping once in awhile.

Lately, I’ve had no routine. It’s been thrown out the window in favor of caring for our sister Jen (and my sister Jess has taken the brunt of it moreso, given Jen is currently recovering at her house), which has been absolutely what we are all dedicated to, want to do, and are devoted to doing for her. It’s been rewarding, seeing her improve, helping her get to her appointments and having some much-needed sister time, not to mention getting to cuddle with such an uber cutie in our niece Isabel.

Compounding my “baby duty” days/nights for Jen is seeing Doctor Boy during the week and on weekends, when we can. Of course I absolutely love spending time with him, but at the same time, it impacts my routine. A routine I am learning to find ways to weave him into, such as on weekend runs, and making meals together, and just enjoying that time together…perhaps letting him into that “me” time, too, right? Embracing.

But the lack of routine in recent weeks has been taking a toll on me. I crave my routine and my workouts when I want them (rather than when I can squeeze them in), and partially because I’ve had one too many “fat days” lately (please refer back to aforementioned PMS and bloating for part of the reason for that!) which is doubly frustrating since I’m also trying to talk negatively about myself (please refer to my sister’s fab post on this very topic!).

But at the end of the day, what matters most is this: Jen’s recovery, aiding Jess (and my mom) in caring for Jen and Isabel, and the rest will fall back into place little by little. And, hey, if seeing Doctor Boy means switching up my routine, I say bring it on!

So, PMS and fat days, you can shove it.

Routine, you’ll be back.

And, devotion, you’re alive and strong and it makes it all worthwhile.

Now, I’m off to baby duty night one of two. Wish me luck and sleepy baby πŸ™‚