After last week’s much needed dope slap of reality, I’ve had a few other instances of that IRL (thank you BFF, you are the best) and realized that the things I’ve been at war with myself at were so downright surface and so unimportant in the grand scheme of things, that I almost felt ashamed that I’d had those thoughts, let alone said them out loud.

And then, last night, over “sister dinner” with Jen and Jess (we used to do these every month prior to Isabel’s birth, so it was our attempt to recreate that as we all enjoyed helping care for the baby), I just sat back and realized, wow, I love this. All of it. Despite all that Jen has gone through, we’ve gotten so much closer than I ever thought we could, and we really have all gotten to know each other so much better.

I know that sounds weird, since we are so close, but in a way, we hadn’t totally learned about each other in the “grown up” sense, just from our companionship growing up and all of the fun we always have. But I have come to realize that I absolutely loved this time with her, it’s really a gift from God that we’ve been able to, and it doesn’t matter that my routine is shaken a bit, or I have to figure out when to work out or catch a bit more sleep.

Because Isabel is worth it. Because Jen is worth it. And because our sisterhood is worth it.


And then I look around, and realize, that despite frustrations in some aspects of my life, my life truly is pretty damn good.

I’m happy.

I’m in love.

I have fantastic friends and family.

I am at a point where I love who I am and this stage in my life.

What’s better than that?


And then I watched Joel Osteen this evening, and wow, his message was dead-on. One of my favorite underlying themes from him – happiness is a choice – and it really is. An excerpt that speaks volumes:

Every day we have the choice to choose how we will live: in happiness and gladness or in discouragement and frustration. So many people are living with a war on the inside, thinking, “I can’t be happy. I don’t even like my life. I don’t like the way I look. I don’t like the car I drive or where I live. When those things change, then I’ll be happy.” So they wait to be happy. Some people wait their entire lives. Understand that’s no way to live. God created us to enjoy life and be content regardless of the external circumstances.

The secret to living life happy is finding your joy in the Lord. Every day is a precious gift from God filled with blessings. The question is do you notice them? Don’t be so busy waiting to be happy that you miss the blessings God has right in front of you. Choose to live your life happy now.

Amen to that.

It’s all the seemingly little things that add up to a heck of lot of goodness and joy.

When you read that, doesn’t that make you feel thankful? What are you thankful for today? (my attempt at loosely following along with being thankful, as my sister blogged about, for this month)