I’ve had an epiphany.

This is the first time I have not overthought once about things with Doctor Boy.

Not once.

And that’s huge for me, I mean, I *am* the self-appointed president and founder of Overthinkers Anonymous, and in every past dating or quasi-relationship, I overthought everything. Like whoa. From going on second dates after “eh” first dates, to pondering wtf was going on with CBE and his weirdness (see some posts on that here, here, here, here and here!). I look back through a lot of my dating forays and I think I have an overthinking moment with almost – if not all – of them.

But with Doctor Boy, I haven’t given any decision or choice a second thought.

It’s all felt natural.

It’s all felt like the right thing to do.

It’s all felt at the right pace (not too fast, not too slow).

It’s all felt right.

And that, folks, is my epiphany, and I think it’s something to consider for anyone that tends to second guess themselves (um, all of us, I would imagine, at some point or another!) when they’re dating someone. I feel like I can be honest and upfront with him about everything, and I feel like I can go at my own pace, we both can. I give him the space and time he needs, and he gives me mine. We see each other at least once during the week, and then a night or sometimes two on the weekend, but we still have a healthy balance of “me,” friend, family and “us” time and I think that’s so important.

Being comfortable enough to do that is huge. Simply put, it’s right where I’m meant to be.


Writing this post has sparked a few ideas for me, such as going back to some of my older posts, particularly my mini-series on re-learning. I actually think a lot of that re-learning has happened so naturally, I wonder if it’s something I thought would be something I’d be more aware of than just happening naturally.

Hmm. Something to ponder (but not to overthink…!)