So, on this lazy Sunday evening, I’ve decided to post the responses from Doctor Boy to all of your questions…here goes!

From Susan:

Do you think it was love at first sight for both of you? Did you have a funny feeling you’d met doctor boy before you met him if that makes sense?

I think that there was something special there when I met you. I feel like I knew you more than I did when we first met, there was definitely a connection that was beyond just a first date. I couldn’t wait for our next date!

From Lisa:

I’ve worked in the medical field for 20 years in a teaching hospital. What stage of his residency is he in? Or has he completed medical school and in private practice? Specializing in anything in particular?

I specialize in family medicine. Originally, I was going to do pediatrics but decided to go into family because I wanted to be more versatile. In family, I can still care of children, but I wanted to take care of children throughout their whole life span. Elders present a growing group of at-risk people that need primary care providers to take care of them. (note: he is a nurse practitioner, not a physician).

From NYSoonerGirl:

What specifically interested him in becoming a doctor?

I naturally like taking care of people. I enjoy helping others. I felt that this field was a natural choice for me. Plus there is always job security! πŸ˜‰

How does he feel about cats?

I love cats. I am definitely a cat lover. I like dogs, but I like cats better. Sometimes I wish I could lounge around the house all day like a cat (note: Nala and Kayla absolutely LOVE him…and that takes a lot of trust, at least for Kayla. A good sign, no?!)

What’s his favorite thing to do when he has down time?

In a perfect world, I’d spend most of my time with you (me!). Other than that, in my little downtime, I enjoy cooking, working out, reading a good book, and obviously just lounging around and relaxing (I concur!).

From Nuttycow:

Does he know about the blog? What does he think (if yes) and would you ever tell him (if no?)

(note: he doesn’t read my blog but is aware of it).

I know about it, I don’t know exactly what goes into it, and I respect your privacy for it, so I don’t press the issue to read it. Maybe one day when you are ready, you will show it to me. I support it 100% if it’s a method for you to share and discuss your feelings.

From Jess:

What do you see in my sister that made you fall for her (I mean, I KNOW what makes her awesome, she’s hot stuff, super smart, wicked funny, has a nice ass, a great catch all in all). But I want to know what did it for you.

Well Jess, I think you’ve done all the work for me on that one! I think that the outward things, like beauty and intelligence, not just physically and inward beauty, patience, hot body too, sure, but ultimately it’s what is on the inside. It’s the feeling I get when I look into your eyes, the emotion I feel when I am with you and in my arms. The feeling of excitement I get when I think about the future together. (aww…)

PS – my career choice has made it difficult for me to be calm in life. Stuff is always in the back of my mind that makes it difficult. But when I am with you, it all goes away.

From T (adapted a few from her post she suggested):

Do you believe in God? What is your relationship with God? (important/not important to share similar beliefs?

I do believe in God. I believe that God is my creator. I used to have a much better relationship with God in the past, but I find I am more distant from God now, for several reasons, nothing specific, no good reason why, just busy. I do want to get that relationship back, first was working on weekends, which made it hard. I do have a connection, I believe I should treat others how they want to be treated.

Do you accept her for who she is and her past?

I think one of the things that attracts me to you is sharing similar pasts, in many ways. Our trials and tribulations, good and bad, has led us to where we are today. Made us appreciate who we are, as a couple, not just as people. I appreciate her for all she is. (man, he should be writing this blog! ;-))

(and one from me, cuz I’m slightly curious, though I think I know the answer):

What do you think about her relationship with her ex? Does it make you jealous at all?

Not jealous at all. Ten years ago, I would have been somewhat jealous. At this point, I trust her and understand their relationship is a friendship and I don’t question it. And I trust her enough to know that if she had feelings for her ex, she would tell me (I don’t.).

(and I just told him I added that question in…he called me a sneak!) πŸ˜‰

So, there you have it, whatcha think!?


It’s been another amazing weekend. Good mix of friend, family, and time with Doctor Boy. I’ll leave you with a picture of us before we headed out to Boston for dinner and then drinks with two of his closest friends (hopefully I madeΒ  a good impression!) Happy Sunday!