Is an indescribable feeling when you hadn’t felt it for 10 years.

I met Doctor Boy’s parents on Saturday (despite lots of indecision on Saturday’s plans, it actually went very smoothly!), and although I got a flash of nerves right before they walked through the door, I felt a sense of relief when I met them.

They were warm. They were very nice. They seemed thrilled to meet me.

I felt welcomed.

And I never felt that way with my ex in-laws. Ever. I’ve alluded to it before, but they never accepted me from the day I met them, and I never felt welcomed in their home, or by them as a member of their family. So, needless to say, I was slightly reticent about meeting Doctor Boy’s parents because I was afraid they wouldn’t like me.

And part of that reason is also because I was afraid I’d be a bit shy (since I tend to be at first, when meeting someone new, and given I was meeting Doctor Boy’s parents added to that worry!) and they’d think I was aloof or standoffish or quiet. But I wasn’t! And I was so glad it felt natural and not awkward at all.

They were just generally really nice, warm people, and we talked about wine, and traveling, and my family, and my job, and they just seem genuinely interested in who I am. And I can see the happiness in their eyes that we’ve met each other. I could see the joy on their faces, and that made me so happy.

Unspoken welcomeness.

And after I left? They told him I am “awesome” and according to Doctor Boy, they “never say that about anyone!”

And they invited me over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And they “never do that” either (to someone they just met!).

So, this evening, after yet another funtastic weekend, I am feeling welcomed. In every way.


Cheers, friends.