Happiness is…

choosing it and realizing it.

I have written about this topic several times before, that happiness is a choice. And while I firmly agree that it is, there is a gray area, too.

The days where I let negative overcome the positive and frankly, it’s a miserable feeling that just doesn’t go away very easily, and can turn into a downward spiral. See, I’m not perfect, I have plenty of days where I can’t get out of my own [negative] way. But I think when you step back and realize that happiness surrounds you if you let it, then you can feel happy more often, or at least shake off the unhappiness a lot faster.

(thanks to Snarkbutt’s intriguing angle, and interesting dialogue going on in the comments of this post for prompting this post, in part).

So, happiness for me this weekend? Happiness is…

…Doctor Boy stealing a kiss as I write this post, (but promising not to look over my shoulder as I write this).

…Friendsgiving last night with some amazing friends (and some hilarious stories that are far too inappropriate for my kittens and rainbows blog, but let’s just say they will go down in the history books, along with 9 bottles of wine for about 6 people!).

…getting a run in today, even though it’s all of 40 degrees and feeling way better afterwards.

…a vanilla soy latte from Starbucks this afternoon. Yum, enough said.

…the smell of winter in the air and festivities to come for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s (even though I hate winter…)

…buying the perfect pair of wedge boots with fur at the top that will look super cute with my new skinny jeans.

…an evening with Doctor Boy tonight, making dinner and relaxing. Much needed.

What do you think? Do you think happiness is a choice, that you have to sometimes realize it? I think it’s the right twist of the “happiness is a choice” mantra, because there are always gray areas (and days that just suck!).