Not to open the “happy hornet’s nest” as Snark aptly put it in his blog today on in-the-moment vs. big picture happiness (which I concur with!), but I’ve been kicking around a few other thoughts on the subject of happiness as well.

Getting through the bad and enjoying the good. What is that?




Yes, I think the ability to get through the tough parts of life makes you enjoy the good *that* much more. It’s something that struck me as Doctor Boy uttered in my ear one morning…”I never thought I could be this happy. When you’re as unhappy as you are at one point in your life, you don’t realize how happy you can ever be.”


And you know what else?

Your ability to bounce back from the bad is called resilience.

And your ability to appreciate and embrace the good is that much more heightened and you don’t take it for granted. Ever.

And you realize that some of the moments you now consider bad, or stressful or sad are more bearable because you’re stronger and just power through them a little bit easier.

No, it doesn’t mean that traumatic experiences or life-altering experiences, like death, or poverty, or depression, or divorce mean you are happy. Of course not. But I think those experiences shape you and impact you much more than anything else.

To allow you to be more resilient.

To allow you to appreciate the things in life that you may never have noticed before getting through something extremely trying.

And that, my friends, is why, while I still go back to happiness is a choice (for me), I think almost more importantly, the ability to get through the bad and the good gives you a level of resilience you never had before.

Allowing you to be content (even if things aren’t going your way all the time), happy (even if you’re not happy with everything in your life) and strong (no matter what).

I feel grateful that I *do* have so much happy in my life, but I am almost more grateful that I can actually see all the good, even the tiniest of good, and let the bad slide off my shoulders just a wee bit more.