One of the things I thought a lot about is my comfort zone and how what now defines my comfort zone was completely OUT of my comfort zone when I was married. Thus, today’s Quote Friday quote:

“Courage is the power to let go of the familar.”

I think I need to embrace this even more as I close out year TWO of my post-divorce life (holy crap, has it really heading into the that long? October 2008 – bite me.) and kick it up a notch. I’ve felt a little stagnant in the “learning” and it’s something I thought a lot about in Maine, during those *lovely* three days of rainy, dreary weather. It’s somewhat cyclical for me, as I go through huge bursts of learning or ‘big rocks‘ and then level off, and then go back into a challenge, or a test (hello, Nala…or tackling Group Kick, or dating).

So – game on. I’m gonna bring it – diving back into dating, looking towards some professional shifts and making them happen, and generally, letting go of what’ become my familiar zone and building a ‘new normal.”

Suggestions on what else to tackle? Always welcome.


Happy Friday all!! I am so looking forward to enjoying the rest of my vaca. Two beach days planned, girls night this evening (INRIS! Mel and I are opening the wine!! Finally!), a cookout tomorrow with some Kick friends, and a 10 miler planned. Woo-freakin-hooo.

**This was SUPPOSED to post last night – here it is – blog snafu!**

I wrote about a similar topic a few months ago, when I first dove into the dating world, and I’ve been ruminating on it again recently – but now, calling it the routine “invasion” – meaning, when you start dating someone, your routine gets invaded. Is that bad? Is that good? How do you adjust?

Of course, I’ve just been on a handful of dates with boy #9, but as we try and coordinate a fifth date, our schedules aren’t jiving (we probably won’t see each other for another week), which is okay, but it brought me back to the topic of that August post because I have gotten SO accustomed to my weekly routine, my social life being MINE, doing what I want, when I want, and as I look towards boy #9 as a potential for ongoing dating “status,” I get excited at the prospect of making time to get together, get to continue knowing each, have some fun dates etc., I also – in a very small way – see it as a big change to my routine.

Don’t get me wrong – I EMBRACE that.

However, it’s change, and while I’ve gone through a range of changes over the last year, for some reason, this feels like a bigger change. Adjusting to someone else’s routine, figuring out how to jive with that schedule, etc. It’s different, it’s new, and I’m digging it.


Because I don’t want to get complacent with my new routine. It’s not NEW anymore – it’s the NEW routine, sure, but it’s now, um, routine. It’s time to switch things up a little, Bend a little more, figure out if this thing I call “cautious potential” with boy #9 has TRUE potential.

I hope it does, but time will tell, and letting it “invade” my routine is welcomed, with open arms.

if all goes well, I’ll be sitting in my new townhouse, and out of this house that I’ve lived in for almost 5 years. Wow. It’s started to sink in, as my living room is empty, for the most part (gave Pete the couches, I got a new super cute sofa/chaise for myself!) and I’m starting to collect boxes, forward my mail, etc.

What’s getting me is how much this house is a huge part of the comfort zone I am so trapped in…I’ve lived here for five years, I’ve worked at my job for more than 7, I just got out of a 10 year relationship/marriage. That’s a lot of lengthy engagements, without a lot of change thrown in. Now, I am facing a complete turnaround (except the job – blame the economy!) and on one hand, it scares the pants off me, but on the other, it feels SO exciting. I AM looking forward to having my own place, but I am so accustomed to coming home here, too.

What I won’t miss – feeling like this is “our” house, not mine, dealing with all the upkeep a house requires (lawn, pool, snow removal in winter, paying for OIL HEAT!), feeling somewhat-constant unease sleeping alone (my bedroom is ground level, and though on one hand, it’s nice to look outside and see the yard, on the other, I feel safer on the second floor sleeping – I’ll have that in my new place!). What I WILL miss – the pool, living in a house and not having to “deal” with neighbors (though my neighbors are pretty close on both sides, so it’s not a HUGE change, and it’s not as though I am moving into an apartment where I’d be in even close quarters. In my townhouse, I only share one wall), the newly-renovated bathroom.

So, there are some shortfalls to both, I suppose, but overall, I REALLY am looking forward to moving, despite it feeling scary, in a way. It will allow me to fully start fresh, as a single almost-30-something (ack! less than a month away!) woman ready to start the next chapter(s) of my life.

…okay I feel better now 😉

Happy quote Friday everyone!! It’s a very special Friday…why? Because it’s the start of my vacation!! Very excited for time in Maine (will have to break away from blogging for a few days – Sun – Thurs – will be VERY hard!)…so, I decided on a broader quote today that I’ve been saving for awhile:

“By stepping forward-even when you’re sure not ready-you’ll find genius, power, and magic.  Your way will become clear.  Often times, we’re foggy about our purpose, not quite sure what we want, and it’s only because we’ve been too timid to stick our necks out”

This is a huge reminder to me to always challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone – whether it be personal, work, or workout related – I always want to stretch myself. Why? Because that’s how you grow and develop and EXPERIENCE new things. The more I have gotten out of my comfort zone, the more I’ve learned and the clearer my path has become. I want to run away from timidness in life and run towards genius, power and most of all, magic. I know it’s there, I know it wants to come out, I just need to push it along.