I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with uncovering new blog reads (okay, maybe that’s not a confession, since everyone who reads probably knows this, judging from my ever-growing blogroll)!

I’ve blogged about this quite a few times, most recently here, and as I find a new handful, I like to call them out, because they are each wonderful in their own way. Here are a few more I’ve collected recently, and are worth a read:

  1. Affair Care: While this is less of a blog (update: There IS a blog, in addition to the web site – see here – thanks Cindy!) and more of a resource, I really like what the wonderful folks behind Affair Care are doing. They are essentially life coaches on moving behind a break-up or affair. And, they often offer up some very heartfelt comments on some of my posts, with stories of their own, which I absolutely adore!
  2. Random Musings of the Wild Mind: This has to be one of my favorite new blogs to read (as well as my go-to’s The Quest for T, Snarkbutt Divorced, Student Mama and The Diary of a Divorced Guy)! Not only does she blog about her own divorce, but also on sex/relationships, being a single mother, and a variety of other topics. I love her writing style, she has some remarkable thoughts, and I really relate to quite a few of her posts already.
  3. It Never Rains in Seattle: In the early throes of his divorce, I really relate to him, since mine is still relatively “fresh” (as compared to some of the other bloggers I follow, who are 2,3,10 years into being divorced, for example). He wrote a powerful post yesterday, as his divorce is just beginning, and I will be glued to his following posts to see how things go from here.
  4. Chaz Recovering: I think I’ve called this one out before, but it’s been awhile, and his blog has some amazing reads. Check out “silent killers” – it’s spot-on, and received a ton of feedback. Good read.
  5. Divorced Women Online: After posting this blog, I was pointed to one more site that I wanted to add here – Divorced Women Online. A gem I was NOT aware of, but can’t wait to dig in. BigLittleWolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy writes for this site as well, so give it a read!

So, there you have it. The latest handful of blogs I’ve uncovered and are part of my daily reads. Enjoy!


On another note, I’ve been standing back and watching good friend HSC as she finds her way post break-up, into the world of singledom. Being single so “fresh” going into the holidays is a very difficult thing to do (like a fresh wound that you are constantly reminded me at each family gathering, at each party, and moments where you are reminded you are sans significant other), but she’s already showing she has it in her to do it (NOT that I am surprised whatsoever!!). She’s dabbling with dating a bit, and the fact that she “likes” someone tells me that this was the right decision for her, and I’m proud of her for making the break, making that decision, even when there are times she may be lonely, it does get better! I am glad I have some perspective to offer her now, and it’s just proving to me that I too am carrying forth what I have learned in the last year, to others that are going through similar situations. Healing…it’s a powerful thing, isn’t it?