Some of my favorite moments of 2010…recapped here, in ‘moment-style’…

at this moment, surer than ever…

life, amplified.

the vacation of a lifetime. like whoa.


the best summer ever, hands down.

…turning a corner, and recovering, my little Nals.

prosseco on the beach. Um, yes.

Maine, Maine, Maine, Maine and Maine!

auntie throwdown…in style.

Tiago. Enough said.

sweating a weekend away.

honest, true, friendship. And some epic-ness.

simple, yet powerful.

bloggy friend meet-up!

BISC Vegas-style!

of pity parties and clarity.

...realizing I’m worth more.

one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

until this.

I’m sure I’m missing many moments from 2010 that I’d rewind 100 times over because of what they stood for, what they’ve helped me become, and of course for the fun many of them entail. 2010…you’ve been one hell of a year, and if it’s been *that* good, I can’t even imagine how good 2011 is going to be. I’m belted in, and ready for the ride.

Bring it.


Happy Quote Friday everyone!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week – two weeks, really – as I think I have been in a state of chronic euphoria with the progress with Doctor Boy and just how good he makes me feel, and how good I am feeling generally, on life’s outlook right now, beyond just that. There is so much to be grateful for, so much to look forward to, and I just want to drink in the moments. So, today’s quote is fitting for me:

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

More than ever, I feel as though I am on the cusp of greatness, of the next level in my life, and my journey post-divorce. I’ve met an unbelievable man, one I have never quite felt such a connection with, something I hope continues to grow and prosper.


I’m turning 31 on October 6…and while I don’t have any idea what the hell happened to 30 (didn’t that *just* happen?), I’m not scared of 31 as I was a few months ago. I felt as though I hadn’t accomplished or learned enough in my 30th year. But, ya know what? I have. And I cannot wait to celebrate my 31st birthday with some friends, and my sister Jess and brother in law Scott (and “virtually” with my sister Jen and brother in law Josh) in wine country at this house, and on my actual birthday? Floating over the vineyards at sunrise, realizing that damn, 31 is going to be a fantastic year.


My sister Jen is on the cusp of motherhood. She is due on Monday. MONDAY!! I have been thinking about her and about my soon-to-be niece all week, all day long, and just feeling so excited, thankful, jubilant, for her arrival. Jen, you are going to be the best mom there ever was…you were born for this. I love you so much and can’t wait to meet Baby N.


This weekend? Tonight? Carb load with Steph and Jess for our LONGEST run ever (12.4 miles!!)…then an epic bar crawl with friends – and Doctor Boy (ack, meeting friends! Scary, right? but fun!!) – and then closing it out with a Rascal Flatts concert. (and one week until the half marathon – “holy God” as Scott would say, hehe).



This quote, to me, is also about life and its brevity, at times, and as many in the blogosphere have been tweeting and blogging about, I feel compelled to mention it as well, even though I’ve never met him, and only just recently started following him. Who is he? DepotDad. And he’s stricken with cancer. It’s a tragic story, and T has a great post on some of his best blogs. Pray for him – if you pray – and if not, hold those you love close, hug them tight, and capture the moments.

As each weekend passes this summer, I realize more and more that weekends truly are moments. It’s been an amazing summer despite some ups and downs (namely, Nala) and even though it is flying by, I can count so many, many things that have made me smile this summer. And it’s no secret that many of the best moments have fallen on weekends simply because of being able to fully embrace and enjoy them.

So, here are some of the moments that I’ve captured this weekend, in Maine, and here at home.

…a relative “congratulating” my Grampa on soon-to-becoming a Great Grampa. His response? “yes, they tell me in about 7 weeks or so…” (grin on face)

…my Grampa recounting my Gram’s excitement purchasing a baby gift for Jen’s shower next weekend (which my sis and I are hurriedly in final planning stages for!) and when she wanted to buy some things that may seem a little impractical at this moment in time, he says “it’s just an infant!” (and Gram’s response…yes, and there’s always Christmas!). Insert another grin on faces…theirs and mine and Jess’s. Beautiful and fun moment!

…watching Grampa take the jetski for a little spin on the lake. Rarely see him do it, but when I do, I watch every moment. It’s the best!

…napping lakeside, book on my lap, waves lapping at the shore (funny, this moment seems to re-occur in my Maine recaps, don’t they?!)

…Nala and Kayla opting to play use-mom-as-a-runway all night on Friday night. Race across my back, over my head, under the bed and back. Meowing and growling and playing all night. As much as it kept me awake, I loved it. A month ago I couldn’t have imagined Nala having that much energy!

…feeling a baby bum and little toes – touching my sister’s belly for the first time (I know, I can’t believe I hadn’t before!) and feeling my soon-to-be-niece moving around…wow. I’m going to be an aunt so soon, I better study up 😉

…watching Jen open some baby gifts at my dad’s today – a rare moment where everyone’s getting along with dad (believe me, it’s been touch and go the last few months even since we reunited, but that’s a story for another day!) and seeing how excited dad is about becoming a “Nonno” (grandpa in Italian). Jen’s always been ‘daddy’s girl’ and I love seeing him this way.

I hope your weekends had moments and you captured them….sometimes it’s the best to just lose yourself in the moment. Take a step back. Breathe it in.

Dad (aka soon-to-be-Nonno) and Jen

Jen, Jess and me at Dad's for mini-shower

Grampa jetskiing!

the lake shore this morning - how gorgeous...

It’s been a weekend of quiet – yet mind-searing memory-like – moments that I want to chronicle here, simply stated, yet some quite powerful for me.

…the feeling of utter support and emotion that I felt reading all of your comments and words from Friday’s poignant and tough-to-write post about Nala. A moment…

…accomplishing my longest run to-date (about 7 miles, I believe, roughly) on Saturday morning, breathing in the salty seabreeze, and fresh, yet soon-to-be-humid air, and being thisclose to giving up about a mile from the end. The rush at finishing and accomplishing. A moment…

…my second trip to the beach this season (two more than the last FOUR YEARS…) with my sister and brother-in-law and “honorary” sister-in-law on one of those top 10 beach days…not too hot, not too cold, nice breeze, simplicity. A moment…

..having an absolute blast at a birthday bash for a friend redefining epic-like parties, with sangria flowing, beer pong (yes, beer pong!) playing, a 21-year-old hitting on me (um, yeah, now that was funny) and a summery evening with great friends (few pics here over at my sister’s blog). This is what summer is all about for me…the mixture of heat, long summery nights, grillin’ food and quenching beverages. A moment…

…laying on my bed this morning, post-workout, next to Nala when she gets up, crawls onto my chest, right up close to my face, starts to purr (something she hasn’t done a lot of lately), and nuzzle/lick/nibbles my hand, her eyes half-closing in a “kitty kiss” and sleeping there, momentarily, sprawled on my body. I whisper softly that I love her, that I know she wants to live, that I will protect her and keep her as comfortable and happy as I can. I drink it in. A moment…

Couch-laying amid an afternoon rain storm and looking around, one kitty at my feet (Kayla) and one kitty in the chair next to me (Nala). Bliss. A moment…

Nals...and stretched out in her glory.Look at that tiger belly!fluffy, rolly-polly Yoda-like Kayla, flat out!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! For tonight’s quote Friday, I am sharing the following quote, because it captures today, but also, more generally, a good mindset for me (and all of us) to consider more often…

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

Today is a perfect example – specific moments that will be seared in my mind – a fantastic Christmas, a happier Christmas than last year, a Christmas where I was able to spend time with my sisters (we’re usually all spread out with in-laws and such, but we found a way to make it work this year – Christmas mimosas and breakfast!!), quality time with my mom and an afternoon with my grandparents. It was really everything I wanted in today, and I feel content and happy this evening, recounting some of the moments of the day (some funny, some cute, some heartwarming):

  • My gram and I trying in earnest to remember the name of the children’s book where the main character takes everything literally. For example, she made a spongecake out of um, sponges. We racked our brains, and finally, FINALLY, on my drive home with mom, did I remember – Amelia Bedelia!! (my mom promptly called Gram to tell her!)
  • Flipping through the homemade calendars my aunt/uncle/cousin made for my mom and grandparents – complete with awesome pics from this summer (the best summer EVER), and one of the best pictures of my grandparents I have ever seen – they’re in the lake, forehead to forehead, my gram’s arms draped over Gramp’s shoulders, laughing. Priceless.
  • Enjoying to-die-for quiche (made by my sister Jen, the best cook ever!) this morning with mimosas made with my favorite champagne from Sonoma from J. Winery. De-lish.
  • Receiving texts upon texts from my friends wishing me a merry Christmas (and one from boy #9) – made me feel loved!
  • And, an “honorary” mention goes to last night’s Christmas Eve bash at my sister’s house with her in-laws (I’m an honorary member!) where I felt a part of the family, was greeted with hugs and kisses on the cheek, and chatted up throughout the day. It was great!

So , those are just a handful of the moments I remember from today – a simple, yet wonderful way to spend Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families as well. And, if this is your first Christmas on your own after a divorce or break-up…please believe me when I say, it DOES get better. Look forward to the year ahead, because it will be amazing, you will grow, you will learn to laugh and smile again, and it will be a whole new world ahead of you.

I have a few blog-related thoughts cookin so I figured I’d combine them all into one Sunday blog post.

A couple more blogs to give shout-outs to…I’m excited to first announce that my sister Jess, has started her own fitness-related blog (she and I are both fitness nuts, and I mean that in the nicest, least crazy way possible) called EatDrinkBreatheSweat. I’m going to do a guest post on her blog here and there, and am really excited about it!! This means that all three of us triplet sisters have our own blogs (Jen’s blog, which I have mentioned before, is called Growing More than Vegetables, and is focused on her research as she finishes her PhD at UNH, and other observations on life. Very inspirational, too!)

Second, my close friend from work that went through divorce at the same time as me (and was also interviewed for SinceMyDivorce, has also started her own blog! It’s still a work in progress, but it is called Leaf Turning Moments, and I have no doubt that it will be excellent – moving, inspirational, and focused on living the dream.

What I love about this – that some of my friends and family are starting their own forays into blogging, is that they’ve been inspired by me to start them…not their ONLY reason of course, to start their blogs, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment from my blog particularly as my readership continues to grow, and I continue to find great people to follow and share experiences with! My friend who’s doing Leaf Turning Moments said that what she loved about my blog was that it chronicles daily observations and learnings, and that’s what her goal is to do as well. It’s funny, because I feel like blogging is so much a part of my day and my mindset that I feel I always have SOMETHING to say. Something always pops into my head that turns into a blog, or an observation on something that may have normally passed me by, will become a learning that I then write about and capture via my blog. It’s amazing and I love every minute of it!

So, enjoy these blogs, if you’re interested. I’m personally very excited to see them progress!