Came across this fantastic quote today and just had to use it for my special sisters post. My sisters – we are triplets – and we are extremely close. During our childhood, I was probably closer to one of my sisters than the other (the identical one), but as we’ve aged, I think we have all gotten equally close and have really grown to love each other effortlessly and wholly, and appreciate the special bond that only we have.

With that said, my sisters have been amazing through all of this. They have both coped with this along with me, in different ways. For example, my fraternal sister and I have really bonded over long phone calls (she doesn’t live that close by, unfortunately!) and fun shopping trips and lunch – nothing like a little retail therapy, right? She’s been really great and is an excellent listener.  She also spent Thanksgiving with me instead of going with her husband to see his family – it was a really hard decision for her to make and she made it for me, and for that, I am ever grateful, because that was the first holiday, pretty close after everything happened and I really needed her, and she came through in spades. And it was a fantastic day spent with mom and grandparents and two very adorable doggies.

My identical sister (and brother in law), who was especially close with Pete, has really taken me under her wing and become very protective in a way, which I never expected. She’s made sure I am not alone – without it really looking like she’s checking up on me (haha), and is even trying to get me into running, to keep me occupied (riiiight!). She’s been my sounding board, too, which I have needed. Not to mention my brother in law – who has been just as supportive and we’ve gotten pretty close these past few months.

So sisters really are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life – the best part! I love them so much and thank God every day for them. We share the same hearts, thoughts, humor and lives. XOXO