I want to shout it from the rooftops…I am elated, ecstatic, relieved, proud, and excited, all rolled into one. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, with all of my frustrations and struggles with Kick since my sister and I began this journey in December (wow, six months sure does fly, doesn’t it?), but was thrilled (and a teensy bit floored) to see the email this afternoon saying:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have passed your Group Kick® Assessment and now join a dedicated, professional and committed team in delivering Body Training Systems® (BTS) programs. Attached are your Group Kick® Certificate of Completion and Assessment.

Becoming a Group Kick® instructor means that you have access to a comprehensive education system to support you and your club in creating WOW! experiences to get more people MOVING!

When I look back at where we began, we’ve both come a long way, and I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments and doing this together. Jess posted a great list of things she’s learned from this experience, and I’d echo all of them…and add to that list the ability to be patient. While I may not always appear to wear my “patience pants” (I know more often than not, I can’t find them in my closet!), with Kick, I’ve tried to bide my time, take it day by day and always keep in my mind that the goal – for me – is to pass. Not to *necessarily* get a class, but to pass. I think my sister has struggled with this a little bit more than me because she WANTS a class badly, and that has added more frustration for her, stresssing over that piece, rather than just the passing piece. However, I think most recently, she’s become pretty “zen” about it and I’m proud of her for that, and I’m proud to make her proud, because that makes me happy (could I have said “proud” one more time in that sentence? heh.)

So, I say bring it…bring it ON, whatever the future holds in my Kick career….BRING IT...I’m ready to kick some!!